Save Time

Save time to focus on growing your business and let us take care of updating your website to stay relevant in today’s competitive market.


Let us keep your website, WordPress plug-ins and website code up to date and reduce the risk of expensive hacking or malware infection.

Update & Content

Breathe new life into your website by seamlessly integrating professional imagery whilst having us keep your copy up-to-date.

Layout Changes

Keep your site looking great. We can adjust colours, fonts & the layout so your website will always look the way you want it to.

Why do I need Website Maintenance?

There is a common misconception that once a website had been designed, coded and delivered to the client that it will work seamlessly forever. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, as, much like your computer, the infrastructure behind your website such as the content management system, the plugins and the server environment, is constantly changing.

A website that isn’t maintained will have a negative effect on your visitors in terms of user experience – slow load times, broken links etc. It will also become vulnerable to viruses and malware. In this case, much like your own health care or your car maintenance, prevention is better than cure!

Here at A Website Apart, as well as the above, we are also happy to help you keep your website’s content up-to-date. If it’s something you aren’t comfortable with or don’t have time to do, we will happily take on the task for you. Regular new content also helps with your website’s SEO. We also perform backups of your site in case of a worst case scenario, so that you will never lose any important data.

In conclusion, maintenance is critical to the health of your website. Whether you learn to do it yourself or you have us maintain your site, prevention is better than cure!

Maintenance Pricing

*  If you pay annually, the number of content update hours can be saved throughout the year. For example, In the Starter package, you could save the hours and use all 12 in December if you started the package in January.

A Website Apart provides professional web design with hosting & maintenance in Halle (Saale).

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