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We have state-of-the art firewalls in place on our servers with only securely encrypted access whilst also being protected against DDos attacks.

Virtual Servers

Our servers are virtual private servers (VPS) with SSD storage which means they are lightning fast and scalable to your needs.


With plans starting as low as €15 a month for your own secure, private server with SSD drives, why not pick up a great deal?



All our server packages are scalable. As we are using VPS (virtual private servers), we can scale your server needs up or down as your site requires it.

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The design of your website isn’t the only thing you will need to get up and running. A website needs a domain name and a host that will serve your website to visitors, hence the name, server. Getting your website hosted usually incurs a monthly fee and a domain name, a yearly fee.

At A Website Apart, we are happy to work with existing providers if you have already secured both of the above, but we like to make it simple for customers, so you can consolidate everything. We can take care of your needs from start to finish. Please see our hosting options below.

Hosting Pricing


*One year of free hosting is provided with any websites commissioned with us or for anyone using our maintenance packages!

A Website Apart provides professional web design with hosting & maintenance in Halle (Saale).

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