Website Design

Included In All Designs

Powerful Platform

Your site is built on the WordPress platform, a very powerful and flexible infrastructure that drives over 75 million websites around the world.

Plugin Versatility

With the versatility of WordPress plugins, your site will have the functionality you need! Custom shopping cart, portfolio, video slider? Whatever your needs, WordPress plugins have got you covered.

Responsive Design

All sites will function beautifully on any device. iPad, iPhone, desktop monitor? Not a problem.


State-of–the-art SSL encryption is installed on all sites to make them secure. Free of charge!**

Seo Integrated

All sites include basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as standard.

Track Your Visitors

Google Analytics is inclusive, so tracking who visits your site is a breeze.

Social Media

Beautiful social media sharing options are integrated seamlessly throughout your website.


Our website designs don’t have to break the bank. View our pricing guidelines or ask for a no-obligation, free quote.

The Design Process

What to Expect
1. The Quote

First, you will request a no-hassle, no-obligation quote from us through our on-site questionnaire. The more detail provided at this stage, the more accurate the quote you will be given. You will find our prices very affordable as we are a low-overhead company. If you find this agreeable, we will set up either a face-to-face meeting or via Skype to determine your exact needs.

2. The Mockups

Once we have all the information we need from you, we will begin mocking up your website. You will provide any images and content that you haven’t already given and the nitty gritty of the design process begins. The broad strokes of the design and site structure are done here. Once you have approved one of the mockups, we can continue.

3. The Development

This is where your website really starts to take shape. We will implement the design and add specific code and plugins to get the result you are looking for. Initially, your website will be developed offline on what is known as a localhost. Once completed, it will be transferred to your domain and placed safely behind a password protected screen until you sign off on it.

4. The Revisions

This is the stage in which the site is tweaked and you give your final thoughts and feedback. Your input is critical as we want to make sure your website speaks to your audience and represents you or your company well.

5. The Approval

At this stage you will sign off on the site and give your approval and we prepare your site for the world, (and Google!), to see.

6. The Quality Assurance

One last check of the site by both parties to ensure all details and content is correct and mistake free. We also check all the links are working as they should and the site is also viewed on different mobile devices to check its responsiveness.

7. The Launch

Congratulations! You have a brand new unique, original website. We remove the password protected screen and the site is available for your customers, family and the world to behold!

8. The Maintenance

There are two options here. If you have selected one of our maintenance packages, we will be working in the background to make sure your site works seamlessly when it needs upgrading or new content is added. If you have decided to maintain the site personally, we are happy to give you basic training on the backend, so you are able to take care of everything yourself.

Why Choose us?

Powerful Websites

We build powerful websites. If you need a site to stand up and be counted in this modern age, contact us. Whatever your needs, we can help you!


Simple websites are effective, easy to navigate and load faster. Need we go on? Yes, we can design complicated sites, but we always strive for the simplest solution to your needs.


A Website Apart has very low overheads. We don’t have expensive offices or receptionists. We just have people working hard on your websites.

Friendly & Honest

We make collaborating on a website a lot of fun. We use straightforward language and we make the website design process a pleasant one.

Package Pricing

Get everything out of your budget

*  These package prices will give you an idea of what to expect when commissioning a website. The packages are a rough guideline for your reference. For an accurate quote please fill in the form on the “Request a Quote” page. To see if our prices are competitive take a look at this website price calculator.  ** Free SSL if you host with us.


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A Website Apart provides professional web design with hosting & maintenance in Halle (Saale).

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